Is chelation therapy effective in the treatment of Diabetes and/or Thryoidism?


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lloydtj asked:

I’ve had diabetes for about six years now and I have no confidence in traditional medical treatment and I am considering going to a naturopath who uses this therapy and I wonder how effective it might be.

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Chelation therapy is not recommended by anyone who follows current therapies. There are great risks involved in this therapy including putting a person into congestive heart failure. Why not consider losing weight and going on an exercise program to stop your diabetes? This is not a quick fix but works for lots of diabetics.


Chelation therapy is good for one thing only: heavy metal poisening. Chelation for anything else is a waste of time and money and can be dangerous. Do you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes? What do you mean by “traditional treatment”? The traditional treatment for type one is insulin therapy, and it’s more like supplying your body with something it’s lacking than “treating” something. For type two, diet and excersise. I would suggest seeing an RD rather than an MD or a naturopath, they can help you with a reasonable eating plan and reccomend someone to help with excersise.


Chelation therapy is good for hemochromotosis. This is an overage of ferritin in your system. Do not use it for diabetes. Follow your doctors orders, that’s what you pay him/her for.

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