does anyone know if cinnamon is effective for treatment with diabetes?


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My mom has diabetes and i want to help her control her type 2 diabetes. i have read in some articles that cinnamon can lower blood sugars? Is there anyone who currently uses cinnamon for treatment of their diabetes? As much as possible i would like a personal experience on the effectiveness of cinnamon and what form of cinnamon (powder, capsules, etc) and how much should be taken. I hope you can help me. Thanks.

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The usefulness of cinnamon in treating diabetes is not at the point at which anyone should rely on cinnamon as first-line therapy. I did find at least one reference (I did a Yahoo! search on “cinnamon in diabetes”) to a clinical trial of insulin in treatment of diabetes (source below), and it does appear that one of the two common types of cinnamon may have significant beneficial effects both on blood sugar and cholesterol.

Maturity onset or Type II diabetes is not due to a deficiency of insulin, but to increased resistance to insulin. So the first-line medications are those like metformin, which reduces insulin resistance. Second line drugs used are those that stimulate the pancreas to produce more insulin, but the pancreas of a Type II diabetic is already producing 2-3 times the normal amount of insulin, so clearly, using medications that flog the pancreas to produce more insulin may accelerate the tendency of the pancreas to gradually lose the capacity to continue to produce such high amounts of insulin, and eventually, many Type II diabetics eventually become dependent upon insulin.


I have taken cinnamon bark in capsule form and it does help. But, it causes really nasty heartburn. I’ve taken 1000-2000mg at a time and it would assist in lowering my blood sugar. I did notice a real difference. But, I do prefer a lesser dose mixed with other herbs, because of the heartburn.

One herb formula I absolutely love is Nature’s Way Blood Sugar. It contains gymnema sylvestre, bitter melon, fenugreek, bilberry and nopal opuntia. It used to contain cinnamon, but I think the formula changed. It is still the best herb formula I’ve tried. It helps so much to lower my blood sugar.

I also take a multimineral with chromium. My favorite is Solaray’s Biocitrate Multimineral. It recommens taking four a day, but I only take two. I don’t feel the need for that many.

Hope this helps! Best wishes. :)


I tried it. Didn’t do a dang thing. I just got really serious about my diet and started walking. That made a huge difference.

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