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rohit asked:

My mother is about 45 yrs old, she is suffering from Diabetes for 22 yrs. She is going very weak and thin day by day. Her weight is about 35 kg or less. We can’t afford expensive treatment like Insulin, expensive devices. Her eyesight is also very weak and bones also. If somebody has some suggestions or treatments, pls answer (we are in India)

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Buzz s

There is no better treatment for diabetes than insulin and what you are talking about. There are other treatments, but they are more expensive.

High Jack

Treatment includes a diet limited in carbohydrates and saturated fat, exercise to burn glucose, and regular insulin injections, sometimes administered via a portable insulin pump. Transplantation of islet cells has also proved successful since 1999, after new transplant procedures were developed, but the number of pancreases available for extraction of the islet cells is far smaller than the number of Type I diabetics. Patients receiving a transplant must take immunosuppressive drugs to prevent rejection of the cells.

Noninsulin-dependent diabetes

Noninsulin-dependent diabetes (Type 2), also called adult-onset diabetes, results from the inability of the cells in the body to respond to insulin. About 90% of diabetics have this form, which is more prevalent in minorities and usually occurs after age 40. Although the cause is not completely understood, there is a genetic factor and 90% of those affected are obese. As in Type I diabetes, treatment includes exercise and weight loss and a diet low in total carbohydrates and saturated fat. Some individuals require insulin injections; many rely on oral drugs, such as sulphonylureas, metformin, or acarbose.


Diet & Exercise will always win out over medication though this sounds more like 22 years of poor treatment entering terminal stage. Good Luck -


i think you need insulin. period. don’t you have state assitanship for socially insecure? go to the United Nations health agencies.. they might help..


Bittergourd (including the seeds) helps improve the condition of diabetic.

Grind and let her drink it.


beside the medicines.. Cinnamon is one of the great herbal medicine and there are several of scientific researchs support that..There are a couple of herbal .. called Gymnema sylvestre ( Sorry I might spell it wrong) but the plant is originate from India!! so you might be able to find it..it has been used for 1000 yrs ( well I just quote what I saw) and other one called Fenugreek – plant also.. I used these herbal myself( but I also use regular medicine and excercise intensively) and they help be a lots..I have everything under control less than 3 months. I was very ill when i got diagnosed and I never used insulin or any expensive devices at all. So I believe you can do this too.
Good luck..


I have never tried this treatment myself, but it was recommended to me. Cinnamon or Cinnamon extract is supposed to naturally help regulate blood sugar. Again I have never tried it, just heard about it. They make Cinnamon supplements your mom could take. I would consult a doctor first.


You could try coconut oil. You are in India so my guess is coconut oil is readily available. I’m no expert but I am starting to believe that hydrogenated oils are the cause of diabetes. Your mother is weak and thin because her body can’t get any glucose. Giving her simple carbohydrates and sugars might overly tax her pancreas though. Give her more fish as well. The omega-3 oils present in fish, well I don’t understand the details but they supposedly help. And also more vitamin C so that more energy gets absorbed into her cells. Sincerely hope your mom gets better. My mom is 78, very active, always walking, and she avoids American-style foods (factory and fast foods) like the plague. Her only complaint is her joints.


Go to and listen to the audio link on diabetes by Dr. John Edwards. He has been using mangosteen juice to treat patients with diabetes. Very informative.

To order mangosteen juice go to and order from that site. All natural, no side effects and it tastes great fully patented

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